Mawson Prologue

Long weekends are to be encouraged. A group of eight Fatties took their mountain bikes to the Flinders Ranges last weekend (17-20 June) to do some reconnaissance of the Mawson Trail with a view to tackling the full Mawson next year.

First stop, Melrose, to explore the fantastic single trail MTB park on the foothills of Mt Remarkable.

IMG_1687Our base for the weekend was the cabins at Rawnsley Park Station. Perfect for a group. The main objective for the weekend was to ride the 95km of the Mawson Trail between Blinman and Rawnsley Park Station. Weather on the day was ideal  (predominantly fine and cool) but the track was heavy as a result of good rainfall the previous week. The countryside looks magnificent.

Our intention the following day was to ride the ‘Flinders Ranges By Bike’ loop from Rawnsley Park Station to Sacred Canyon. Overnight rain and an impassable road put paid to that idea:

The wet clay, combined with small rocks and vegetation resulted in a perfect house building material building up on the tyres, drive chain etc. Result – one snapped off rear derailleur and bogged bikes.

The 9 to 5 slaves returned to Adelaide on Sunday night whilst 4 of us remained in the Flinders for an extra night. A chance for some sightseeing of the gorges in the Flinders Ranges National Park and another MTB ride on the single trail at Melrose on the way home on Monday. A great weekend.




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