Fatboys at the movies part 2 ….

Dear Jim,

I would like to thank the Fa(s)t boys. A very special thanks:

* for making my film crew feel welcome;
* for providing us with interesting characters;
* for providing fantastic footage of the blokes riding; and most of all,
* making us laugh out loud with your banter and unique dark humour.

We have just commenced our new shooting block, after being on hold for more than two years. Our new block will end in January of next year, and we are hoping to deliver our master to the distributor by the end of March..

We hope that all our shooting goes as smoothly.

All the blokes were very friendly and accommodating to our crew and most of all provided good riding footage whilst being safe and sensible at all times.

Rob and Steve were very generous in opening up their personal space and narratives to us. Special thanks to the other blokes who spoke of friendship, camaraderie and cycling; this is something very much our film discusses in its key underlining narrative.

We look forward to further filming with the Fa(s) boys group.

Nickolas bIrd

Nickolas Bird
Waterbyrd Filmz Pty Ltd

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