Southcoast Xmas Rides

Dear Piglets and others,
Christmas is coming and hence it’s time for South Coast riding program. Again guaranteed to allow you to drink more beer and still not put on too much weight.As in recent years this year the plan is to most days do various versions of the Crows Nest/ Nettle Hill road loop each second day. This loop is approximately 50km has plenty of challenges , lots of places for the fitter to try themselves out and the less fit to take a short cut. The ride also takes less than 2 hours for the slowest of groups.
All rides start at 7:15am from Dodd & Page in Port Elliott.
There are some special rides this year which you should note:

Sunday 27th December (the first official ride)

Ride to Normanville to meet the Fatboys who are doing the 300km crazy persons only ride. At Normanville some riders may choice to continue on with the Crazy’s to Delamere Waitpinga Victor. If you plan to do this I suggest you plan well including 2 water bottles, food and an excuse to the family as to why you are home so late.

Monday 28th December _ The inaugural SCFB Beach Beer Classic

Starting at 6 pm the plan is to ride from Goolwa to the Murray Mouth (approximately 11km ) and return. This is a ride for your oldest bike or a bike you buy between now and then from a Garage Sale. Any attempt to introduce Fat Tyred Beach designed bikes will be frowned upon. A special rule will apply being anyone has the option to pay $50 to the beer kitty and swap bikes with anyone else , this rule unashameably is aimed at keeping the bikes to a very low standard. If there is enough interest we will organise drinks after the ride. Therefore let me know :
a) If you are riding
b) If you are keen for drinks and nibbles afterward.
If you are one who likes to be part of history then you should definitely do this ride , if it is a success then you will be able to boast being on the first ride. If it is a miserable failure then you will be able to boast being on the only one.

Tuesday 29th December Inman Valley returning via Parawa

Depart Pt Elliot to Waitpinga Rd, Range Rd, Parawa, Parawa Rd, back via Inman Valley to Sawpit Road , Pambula Road and down Crows Nest to Port Elliott

Thursday 31st Dec. New Year’s Eve

Special Walk to the Top Ride: Depart Pt Elliot to Inman Valley Rd to Back Valley Rd (sprint to end of Bitumen for those wanting to test their legs) to Sawpit Road, Hindmarsh Valley Reservoir to Nettle Hill Road, Pambula Road, Crowsnest Rd to Pt Elliott & Coffee – approx. 65 kms, Waitpinga Rd, back to Port Elliot via Victor.

As always any days ride is subject to change without notice!

If you are going to come on any of these rides please e mail me with your mobile phone number and I will keep you in the loop with any communications.
Feel free to ask friends along we are generally joined by a mixed group of fatties, FRA’s, Lantern Rouge, Lattes, Teenage Sons and South Coast local etc.


Rule 1 – Due to the hilly area, lead riders upon reaching the top of all significant hills will retreat back down the hill and turn around to ride back up the hill with the last riders so that the group stays together. This way the fitter riders get a harder workout and the slower riders don’t get to the top of the hill exhausted whilst the fitter riders have fully recuperated and are ready to go.

Remember to also bring your cold/wet weather cycling gear to cope with the South Coast weather. Many a drought has been broken at Victor between Christmas and New Year. All rides subject to change due to weather conditions.

Any queries please phone me on 0418 803 482.

Merry Christmas and keep safe

Kind regards

David Inglis