Sign Up as an Author

All registered Fatboys (and a few unregistered) should have received an invitation to become an author for this website.

Once you have registered with “WordPress” you can accept the invitation and start blogging. Many of you are already registered with WordPress – if you had a password previously to the NEW website you were registered with WordPress.

To put up a post – just click the pencil in a box icon in the top right corner of your browser.

The rest is fairly obvious – remember to SAVE and PUBLISH.

Try and add a “Featured Image” as it makes your POST more appealing.

To put up photos you should click the media icon – a “mountan in a box” and the rest should be obvious.

Only put up good quality edited photos please – if the photos are crap we’ll take a vote and consider removing them  : )

You can “drag and drop” as well if you want to publisIMG_1176h photos and pdfs


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