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As discussed in my recent email, I have come to the conclusion that the most efficient form of communication for Fatboy ride related matters is the Viber messenger service.
The Viber app can be downloaded on smartphones, tablets and/or desktop computers:
There are many existing users of Viber within the Fatboys and ride related communication, particularly for the mid week rides, has been utilising this form of messaging for some time.
At this stage there are three chat groups that you may interested in joining (Marble hill riders – for the early, mid-week rides, Monday Night MTB  – for all mountain bike rides, and Weekend Fatboys – for those that do hills (A and B), community rides and other annual rides). We may create more sub groups (e.g. B team hills) if Weekend Fatboys, for example, is too broad.
Let me know when you have joined Viber and which groups you are interested in and I will ‘invite you’ to join. Please don’t fill the chats with banal nonsense. It’s easy enough to create a specific chat group or forum for such miscellany.
I will post ride routes (mapped with ridewithgps), where necessary. They work much better on smartphones if you download the ridewwithgps app:

Ride With GPS