Weekly Rides

Choices for every day of the week!

Sunday Social 8am

Heads to Seacliff to rendezvous with the earlier ride. There are options for a shorter (Henley Beach Rd) or longer (Military Rd, West Lakes Blvd, Port Rd) route back to the city for coffee at Rymill Park. See ‘Weekend Fatboys’ Viber group for details.

Sunday 8am route

Sunday 7am

Heads to Hallett Cove via Coromandel Valley and the Londsdale Hwy. A short break at Seacliff to meet with the 8am ride. Coffee at Rymill Park via Military Rd, West Lakes Blvd and Port Rd. See ‘Weekend Fatboys’ Viber group for details.

Sunday 7am route

Saturday Hills

Regroups at the bollards, Mt Lofty Summit gates and Marble Hill.  Coffee at Wattle Park Bakery at around 9:00am. There is an option, post coffee, for another ascent of Mt Lofty via Norton Summit, descends via Old Freeway. Occasionally the start time changes (e.g. hot or wet weather). To stay informed join the ‘Weekend Fatboys’ Viber group.

Saturday Hills route

Saturday Coffee Cruise

Meet at Air Apartments, ride to Bay for coffee, then up back Anzac Highway for another one if the bladder can take it. Woo hoo. See ‘Weekend Fatboys’ Viber group for details.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings

These guys regularly depart 0630 Tues and Thurs, ride at moderate pace up to Marble Hill via Norton Summit Road, then back down the same way for 0800 coffee on Parade. Less frequently they depart Toll Gate gum tree at 0630 Wed and Fri for bollards / Mt Lofty / Norton Summit descent to Bakery.  Real-time activity is revealed by joining the ‘Marble Hill riders’ Viber group.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Rides

  1. Hi.
    I am in Adelaide on Wednesday the 28th Feb 2018. I am hoping to hire s bike and head out with your Wednesday morning ride. I saw you guys on MAMIL and thought you would be a great group to ride with instead of riding alone.
    I ride a couple of days a week but am the slowest in my group. I hope to hear from a FAsT BOY soon.
    Regards Lincoln
    HSSpinners- Melbourne


    1. Lincoln
      please give me a ring before you come to Adelaide. I will let you know about our Wed ride.
      Jim Turner
      President Fatboys
      0414 266 144


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