Photo AGM 2105Fatboys ride bikes.

The Fatboys have been a fixture on the streets of Adelaide since 1995. With around 100 riders, they are easily recognisable by the silly little pig emblazoned on their bright yellow jerseys.

Numbers vary on the organised group rides, with a turnout of up to 45 riders occurring at the major weekly ride on Sunday mornings. Smaller mid week rides are also available and special weekend rides are organised several times a month. Regular social activities take place and some members even find time for work and families.

All fitness levels are catered for. The majority of members are moderately fit weekend-warriors, however a subversive group of keener Fatboys have emerged to race in the local competitions. Why do we ride? No one is really sure. With an average age upward of 50, it could be a late mid-life thing. We like to think it is driven by the need to keep fit, lose weight and spend time with our mates. But it is more likely the mix of endorphins, adrenaline and caffeine (and the need to talk crap) that hits us at the end of a big ride. This is when we all get together and remind each other what heroes we could have been and ponder why our families fail to appreciate our cycling prowess.

The Fatboys are an incorporated not-for-profit organisation and are reportedly the largest recreational cycling group in South Australia. Members pitch in to help run activities within the group. New members join by getting an introduction from an existing Fatboy.

When you see a Fatboy on the street, feel some pity and give him a wave. Ladies are asked to blow him a well-aimed kiss (or words to that effect).


Jim Turner
Fatboys Cycling Club

Fatboys Constitution amended 2010

Greenman crew 2015