Hawaiian Shirt Ride 2016

Congratulations to Brooksy and the organisers – workers (Duncan, Mark and Mike Gold) food donaters (Mick and Lance) and ticket baggers – Greg Turner and Rob Bramley, bean counter and newest pork barrel member Bill D and anyone else who has been missed.

Congratulations to the perpetual winners of the Lard Arse Award – Duncan and Bruce, the skinny arse Mike B and the perpetual wearer of the yellow handbag – Arnis Liddums. Also congratulations to Dave Rigall for weighing the entire lard – despite his dodgy maths and assuming we all are 189 cm tall. I’m looking forward to some new awards for 2017!

Jim – we missed you and glad to hear you are on the mend, even if that is sensibly and slowly. Looking forward to see you on the 8am rehab ride!

From Viber –

Festive Fatman, we collectively found $2180 (as confirmed by the newly Porkbarelled Bean Counter) for the ADC today, which is a pretty handsome amount. Thanks to everyone for the good times, Duncan and Mark for very ably cooking, Mike Gold for a big morning of umbrella humping and general setting up, Mick and Lance for their food contributions, Arnis for film crew escorting, and big thanks to the very generous underwriter. Looking fwd to next year

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