Pigs on Fire

Fringe Food Review

Whilst there are lots of good shows at the Fringe (including some featuring fatboys) the most important issue for a self-respecting fatboy is what to eat.

Head to the far end of the Garden of Unearthly delights for an old favourite.

You can’t go past Pigs On Fire – Dutch Style. No dutch ovens here just a massive 3 tier BBQ with a lot of pork being BBQed. Transformed into pork belly, puled pork an ddutch style pork.

The crackling was good enough to put a smile on Dunkin Donuts face, the BitterBallen and Utrecht sausage kept the authentic dutch style.

Even the roast vegetables and salads would keep the mountain goats nourished.

Thrown in a couple of pink pig models and a fdridge full of pale ale and you’ll feel right at home.



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