300 done and dusted for 2017

The long route to the Greenman Inn for dinner – eight starters from OTR Belair Rd at 6am on a cool summer’s morning . The forecast heat was, however, ominous. Three more joined us at Willunga (J Mullan, M Mullan and S O’Callaghan).    Mike Mullan and Shan’s cameo was short, very short actually (20km?). Another (planned) loss at Normanville where the lure of his Carrickalinga beach house was too much for Mark Teicher.

Joe Mullan and Mike Bobrige got as far as Victor Harbor where Joe, sensibly, had arranged a lift home from his better half. Mike, inexplicably, felt he didn’t have enough fitness to do the full 300, but still had energy enough to ride back to Adelaide.

So, six left, the day was warming up, the breeze was picking up and were we only just over half way. To  cut a long story short the rest of the ride was incident free, much milder than forecast as a result of some cloud cover and didn’t have the traditional howling headwind into Clayton Bay, but was still hard work. J Lang was a workhorse all day. Stevens, Perugini, Ward, Ferris and Oatey the others to complete the full distance. Kudos to old man Oatey, he’s remarkable.



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