Pick of the South Coast Rides

Hidden in the midst of Dave Inglis’s email is the start of a ride sure to become a fatboy favourite.

Monday 28th December _ The inaugural SCFB Beach Beer Classic

Starting at 6 pm the plan is to ride from Goolwa to the Murray Mouth (approximately 11km ) and return. This is a ride for your oldest bike or a bike you buy between now and then from a Garage Sale. Any attempt to introduce Fat Tyred Beach designed bikes will be frowned upon. A special rule will apply being anyone has the option to pay $50 to the beer kitty and swap bikes with anyone else , this rule unashameably is aimed at keeping the bikes to a very low standard. If there is enough interest we will organise drinks after the ride. Therefore let me know :
a) If you are riding
b) If you are keen for drinks and nibbles afterward.
If you are one who likes to be part of history then you should definitely do this ride , if it is a success then you will be able to boast being on the first ride. If it is a miserable failure then you will be able to boast being on the only one.

 MadDog and Fat Tyres

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