Fatboys Events Calendar

The events calendar has changed. This is an EventsBrite calendar which is linked to the website. I’m still learning about it’s functionality and it looks good. There are some teething issues which will be fixed.

Currently it is just being used simply as a Bulletin Board of events.

  • click on “BUY” to look at events
  • DO NOT pay for any tickets though.
  • Events will all be marked as FREE
  • The XMas part may have $15 – as that is the price. However do not buy the ticket from the website. This will feature be disabled and your money will disappear into the blogosphere never to be seen again if you manage to pay.
  • Jonathon is going to tell us how to pay for the XMas party by email.

In the future we can set up the EventBrite calendar to allow ticket sales, RSVPs etc but I will let everyone know when this happens.

My apologies for any confusion

Rob Laing

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